Kerwin Medical Center was founded by Diana Kerwin, MD, as a clinical research site dedicated to improving treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias until a cure is discovered.

We recognize the uncertainty and impact that neurological disorders can have on an individual and family, and from that recognition emerged a guiding principal – our patients are family. We view our ability to serve and care for patients as a privilege, and our goal is to be a resource to everyone involved in the life and support of those diagnosed with a dementia, movement disorder or other neurological disorder. Our staff is dedicated to patient and family education, community outreach, and delivering the best possible opportunity for treatment within clinical research.

“We work everyday to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurologic diseases of aging. Our Center is dedicated to bringing promising clinical trials to patients and families in the DFW Metroplex to participate in finding better therapies and treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. We will not stop until we help to find the cure.”

– Diana Kerwin, MD

Diana R. Kerwin, MD, CPI

Founder – President

Dr. Kerwin is Founder and President of Kerwin Medical Center, a practice that focuses on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and other related dementia diseases. Dr. Kerwin has almost twenty (20) years experience in Alzheimer’s and dementia research. Dr. Kerwin is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics in Texas, Illinois, California, Florida and Wisconsin.

Prior to forming her memory care practice in Dallas, she was Assistant Professor of Medicine-Geriatrics at Northwestern University in Chicago and a faculty member of the world recognized Northwestern University Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center (CNADC).

Her award-winning research on the relationship of obesity and memory function in women has been featured in TIME Magazine, the BBC, The Boston Globe, and on local and national news programs. Dr. Kerwin is a frequent lecturer and guest host on television programs related to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Dr. Kerwin is in her 7th year as a member of the National Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Association and was recently voted to serve as Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors, she is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neuro-Therapeutics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and has been the academic partner on several community initiatives to improve the care of senior adults with dementia in underserved areas and continues to focus on this aspect of improving access to care.

Dr. Kerwin is the principal investigator for several National Institute for Health funded studies on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as on collaborative studies for patients with frontotemporal lobe dementia syndromes. She has served as principal investigator on phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials for the development of therapeutics in Alzheimer’s and other dementias such as progressive supranuclear palsy and multiple system atrophy.

Dr. Kerwin’s vision for memory care is to utilize her expertise in memory disorders to deliver quality care to her patients, excellence in research, and support to the community of individuals impacted by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

When she is not searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s, Dr. Kerwin enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling, exercise and golf.

1996 Keelan-Tresch Award Graduating Medical Student, “Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine” Honors in Research, Medical Doctorate 1999 John A. Hartford Chief Medical Resident for Geriatric Programs, Northwestern University Medical School Best Resident-Teacher, Northwestern University Medical School 2003 Young Investigator Award, Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin 2004 Faculty Scholar in the Care of Older Adults, John A. Hartford Foundation, Society of General Internal Medicine Dr. Judith Stitt Faculty Scholar Award, Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, competitive, bi-annual award 2006 T. Franklin Williams Research Scholar Award, American Geriatrics Society for Health in Aging/ Association of Subspecialty Professors and Atlantic Philanthropies, national, competitive, bi-annual award Forty under Forty, Recognition of Young Leaders, Milwaukee Business Journal 2008 Outstanding Physician Award, Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin Annual Award Friends of the Hispanic Community Award, United Community Center recognition for work as Director, Latino Geriatric Center-Memory Disorders Clinic 2011 Excellence in Teaching Award, Geriatrics, Department of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine 2017 Texas Super Doctors 2018 Certified Principal Investigator, Association of Clinical Research Professionals 2019 Docs Against Alzheimer’s Grand Champions, Alzheimer’s Association Greater Dallas, Kerwin Research Center and Memory Care CurePSP Center of Care 2020 Texas Super Doctors Inspiration and Innovation to Cure Award, CurePSP 30th Anniversary DR. KERWIN’S AWARDS AND RECOGNITION


Micah J Eimerbrink, PhD

Head of Research Operations
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Dr. Eimerbrink received his master’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in health psychology and neuroscience, and his PhD in psychology from Texas Christian University with a specialization in behavioral neuroscience and the neurobiology of learning and memory. His early research focused on the relationship between inflammation and memory formation and included an examination of the link between stress, inflammation, and Alzheimer’s disease pathology. After he received his PhD, Dr. Eimerbrink chose to focus his career on clinical research to be at the forefront of treatment breakthroughs. He has served as principal investigator on numerous clinical research studies, and joined Kerwin Medical Center in 2019.

Currently, Dr. Eimerbrink oversees daily operations and research conduct, and has a passion for community outreach. “One of the primary motivating factors for me to join Dr. Kerwin and her team was her vision for the center as a community resource. We are working to help find the cure for Alzheimer’s, and until that day, we are also here to serve our community by providing education on Alzheimer’s and dementia, disease prevention, and the potential treatment opportunities available within clinical research.”

Jennifer T. Vo, ACNP-BC

Lead Clinical Research Coordinator
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Jennifer is a board-certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and has been practicing in the nursing profession for the past 13 years. She received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in nursing from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Her career first began in a fast-paced environment, caring for those in the cardiac and intensive care unit, but after years of experience, she was ready to take on a new journey. That is where she learned that her heart and passion was not only in caring for the aging population, but in that of clinical research. It gives her joy, knowing she’s a part of a research team that focuses every day in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

At Kerwin Medical Center, Jennifer’s time is dedicated to patient care, cognitive assessments, study oversight, and she leads the center’s recruitment and outreach initiatives. She devotes herself to welcoming and understanding each individual that contacts Kerwin Medical Center, whether it be over the phone or face-to-face when they arrive at the center. After a thorough evaluation to understand the unique circumstances, history, and goals of each individual and their family, she discusses what options are available and how the center can help. As new research opportunities are regularly available within the center, Jennifer communicates with all eligible individuals and connects them with appropriate studies to ensure our dementia patients have ongoing options for care.

Jennifer is married and has two kids, a son and daughter. Outside of work, you will likely find her with her family playing at a park, hiking, biking, or just cuddled up at home enjoying a good ol’ family movie night. She is also the mama to the sweetest fur babies, a 14-year-old dog and an adorable bunny.

Patricia Yoxall, BSN, CCRC

Lead Clinical Research Coordinator
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Tish LoCascio Yoxall is a Registered Nurse and has worked with Dr. Kerwin as a Study Coordinator and Research Nurse since 2015. Prior to her career in research, Tish worked as an ICU Nurse for nearly 10 years at Zale-Lipshy Hospital in the Neuro ICU. While working at Zale-Lipshy, Tish and her husband became the proud parents of three incredible children, and she decided to retire from nursing to completely dedicate herself to her children and family.

During this time, Tish experienced the impact an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can have on a family as her sister-in-law, mother of three, suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Prompted by her love for her sister-in-law, an opportunity from Dr. Kerwin, and her strong desire to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s, Tish returned to nursing and joined Dr. Kerwin’s team in 2015.

Tish’s passion for the daily challenge of finding a cure arises directly from her love for her sister-in-law, and others in similar circumstance.  Thus, Tish brings her passion, her nursing skills, and her compassion for KMC’s patients to work every day with the sincere hope of beating Alzheimer’s.

Her sister-in-law is currently in her early 50’s and the final stages of this dreadful fight.

Blake Edwards, MPH

Pharmacy and Lab Manager
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Blake Edwards has been with KMC for almost two years working since October 2017 with various roles such as a community outreach specialist, study coordinator, and most recently the Pharmacy and Lab Manager. He helps with every study from start to close and is well-versed in all current research. Blake is an alumnus of the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in biology with special interests in organic chemistry and cell biochemistry. Blake also went on to complete his Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Baylor University in 2021. He is also a licensed pharmacy technician and is certified in both compounding sterile pharmacy and advanced cardiac life support. During college and prior to joining the KMC team, Blake worked in retail pharmacy where you may have seen him while at CVS or Kroger.

He enjoys working in research and appreciates how a community of peers unites around the common goal of curing disease. He is a steadfast patient advocate and maintains his focus on the patient and their needs to ensure he delivers the highest standard of care.

Blake is a native to the Dallas area and enjoys mountain biking, golfing, soccer, hockey, swimming, running, weightlifting, and pretty much anything active!

Elizabeth Luginbyhl, MS

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Elizabeth Luginbyhl serves Kerwin Medical Center as a Quality Control Coordinator as well as a Psychometric Rater, administering assessments to patients and caregivers for various research studies. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from West Texas A&M University, and has been with the practice since July 2018.

Prior to joining Kerwin Medical Center, Elizabeth worked in clinical research as a coordinator, psychometric rater, and regulatory specialist with the majority of her experience derived from dementia research. Elizabeth particularly enjoys working in the field of dementia and neurodegenerative disease research as she has always had in interest in disorders that impact cognitive function and memory. She has a deep respect and affinity for our patient population and thoroughly enjoys working with our patients and caregivers.

Originally from Amarillo, Elizabeth has called the DFW metroplex her home for the last 12 years. She currently resides in Richardson with her husband, two children, dogs, cat, and chickens. She is an active volunteer in homeless assistance programs and in her free-time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading, listening to music, binging Netflix and traveling.

Sarah Sutton

Clinical Research Coordinator
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Sarah Sutton is a Clinical Research Coordinator and dedicated member of the Kerwin Medical Center team. She helps keep the team organized and on task as they enroll patients in multiple research studies. Prior to joining Dr. Kerwin, Sarah worked at UTSW for 15 years in the microbiology department, many of these years as the lab manager.

She joined Dr. Kerwin in 2016 as the practice manager for Texas Alzheimer’s and Memory Disorders. When Dr. Kerwin launched Kerwin Medical Center, Sarah transitioned and accepted her current position, allowing her to follow her passion for patient care. Sarah loves her job and is dedicated to the fight against Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain disorders. “The patients are like family and getting to spend so much quality time with them is just priceless.”

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her 2 daughters, dog Chewy and her fiancé. She loves food, traveling and quality time with friends and family.

Heather Conover, RN

Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
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Heather Conover is a Registered Nurse and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator for Kerwin Medical Center. Prior to joining Dr. Kerwin, Heather worked at Children’s Medical Center in pediatric plastic surgery and then at UTSW/UTD in Neurology with many years focused on patients with rare cognitive disorders. Heather split her time in Neurology between clinical patient care and research in both Alzheimer’s/Dementia and concussion related issues in retired professional athletes.

Heather’s focus at Kerwin Medical Center is regulatory compliance, and helping the team keep all regulatory requirements up to date as well as working with sponsors on study start ups for the center. She enjoys being able to see a study from the beginning stages all the way to the first patient coming in.

Heather is married and has two kids, Boone and Hadley. She leads a very active lifestyle and is a competitive stair climber competing in competitions across the country. Before her career in nursing, she was a police officer for 7 years.

Jenna Juarez, CCRC

Clinical Research Coordinator
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Jennifer Panzer Juarez (Jenna) joined Kerwin Medical Center in January 2021 as a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. With more than15 years of clinical trial experience, Jenna’s background has heavily focused on Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

With a deep passion for patient care, Jenna truly believes the heart of clinical research is best advanced through partnership, trust, and mutual respect. By joining Kerwin Medical Center, she has achieved her goal of working in a teamwork environment grounded in an unwavering dedication to fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Jenna is a native Texan, and outside of work, you can find her at a high-school football game or co-leading an active girl scout troop. Guided by her family values, Jenna enjoys volunteering, cooking, traveling and spending time with her husband and their three children.

Hanan Al Halawani

Research Assistant
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Hanan Al Halawani joined Kerwin Medical Center in pursuit of her goal to join a clinical research team and be a part of the global efforts to advance medical science. She earned her bachelor’s degree in pharmacology and physiology at the University of Westminster, and in doing so, she first recognized her interest in clinical research and neuroscience. She followed those interests to the University of Texas at Dallas where she earned her master’s in applied cognition and neuroscience by assisting with research on the physiological effects of insulin on neuronal activation and the corresponding impact on behavior. Her research helped to focus her professional interests towards the study of Alzheimer’s disease, and when combined, her academic training and career goals align perfectly with the mission of Kerwin Medical Center. As the Center’s first Research Assistant, Hanan supports all her fellow clinical team members and assists with every phase of the research process. She is proud to be a member of the research team at Kerwin Medical Center, and is dedicated to helping anyone effected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Outside of the office, Hanan is equally dedicated to her family and friends, and loves spending time with her Husband and daughter, and hosting events. For Hanan, the best feelings come from knowing that her efforts have made those around her happy.

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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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